Lead Routing and Online Scheduling

When a small services business is growing quickly and adding locations, it becomes critical very quickly to be able to offer an efficient solution to customers for online scheduling and booking of appointments. It is also critical for the business itself to have easy ways to route incoming leads and appointment requests to the appropriate locations, especially when there is a single website for all franchises or locations.

When a potential customer lands on the website, they need to be able to easily find out if there is service coverage or providers in their area, and if there are, it should be a simple process to book an appointment or add themselves to the marketing email list for that region/area/locale.

Take one of our clients as an example – they provide junk removal service┬áin Chester, PA and all the way to Philadelphia and the entire region of Southeastern, PA. And, they are growing fast and adding locations for junk removal franchise opportunities everywhere.

Using Priscilla CMS we took care of automated lead routing with their quick quote form on their website so that leads end up in the hands of the right franchise. We also integrated an online booking/scheduler form that enables customers to schedule their appointments with the right franchise and resources that are available in their area.



Managing Life Coaching Through CRM Systems

In order for a coach to be efficient enough to create a lucrative and sustainable business model, they must invest in the right systems, processes and software to maintain a consistent flow, that enables them to focus on what they do best – coaching their clients.

Amy Kosh, a life coach in Asheville, NC┬áinvested in Priscilla CMS and has found her way to moving beyond sustainability in her business to highly profitable levels, simply by creating good lead flow systems and ways to stay in touch with her prospects and past clients regularly. The software database handles all of her contacts, and all of her client and prospect follow up history. As new leads are collected, they are assigned categories and scores based on their levels of qualification and interest. That way she can focus on the hottest leads in her system and continue to work with them until they decide favorably to join into a transformational coaching program. Learn more about Amy’s work and lead generation processes at http://anunstoppable.life

All coaches could benefit from this type of process, not just life coaches but anyone who is regularly bringing in new prospects interested in moving toward a transformational style program that requires an investment and commitment on their part.

Handling Explosive Growth Industries Through Software Efficiency

Often, we will get calls from prospective clients whose businesses are absolutely soaring and taking off very rapidly. It is in this stage of quick growth that businesses are scrambling to find automated methods and processes through the use of software and technology to help them keep on top of the influx of new customers and business.

Priscilla CMS was designed to handle volume and very rapid influx of new prospects, leads, customers and sales.

A recent customer who specializes in online vaporizer starter kits e-commerce, recently saw explosive growth in traffic to their website and a lot of new leads due to the industry explosion. This particular industry is incredibly opportunistic because anyone who is trying to quit smoking will be able to get help with the fresh vape team, and get hooked up with an alternative to smoking with vape. Just take a quick look at Google trends, and search vape or vaporizers and you’ll get an idea of how much this niche is growning and at what speed.

Thanks to our suite of CRM software tools, we were able to help Fresh vape get their influx of new leads under control. Every new lead becomes an opportunity in the system, and every opportunity gets assigned a case manager so that no one person who is interested can fall through the cracks. The opportunity that is opened is established with due dates in terms of initial contact, and is setup with communication goals so that the case manager can stay in touch with the right information to help move the prospect down the path toward a purchase of a vape starter kit and vape juice sample pack.

If you are up against fast scaling of your business and have more customers and business than you feel like you can handle, it’s probably best to talk to one of our implementation and strategic alliance consultants who can make recommendations on the best set of Priscilla CMS tools that will work for your situation and unique business model environment.